I'm Allison and I'm a designer, developer, strategist, dachshund mom, oxford comma evangelist, Ravenclaw, figure skating fanatic, and amatuer half marathoner. You probably need at least a few of those things in your life—let's talk. I believe the relationship between a creative and a client should be more than a transaction; the best work comes from not just knowing what someone wants, but why they want it. I get to know you beyond your business plan and buzzwords. Because I do it all—web, digital, social, print, advertising, content writing, and beyond—we make sure from the start that every piece fits together.

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Additional document layouts (First four for Syracuse University School of Education, 2016-2017; Fifth for Maggie O'Keefe/Get Her Elected, 2018):


Development project lead & ongoing management, Syracuse University School of Education.


Strategy & Research

Master's Capstone and case study report for the Rescue Mission, Syracuse NY: proposal of process for brand research, clarification, and digital strategy development. Document design and layout, website design and copywriting. (Newhouse School, Syracuse University, 2016)
Brand research and analysis, media plan and digital strategy plan for IZZE sparkling juice. My main role was brand research, target audience research, media mix and rationale, all consumer research, and all report/data design and layout. (Newhouse School, Syracuse University, 2016)
The evolution of the web: technology, design, advertising, and what's next research and forecasting report microsite. (Newhouse School, Syracuse University, 2016)
Social media case study deck for Green Kitchen Stories. Analysis of current content and strategy, recommendations, sample content. (Newhouse School, Syracuse University, 2016)

Writing Samples


Professional and Service


Technical Skills

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