Huntington Hall Transformation

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2011 - Adobe Illustrator CS3

This project was done while I was employed by the Syracuse University School of Education. Huntington Hall is the home of the School of Education, and is undergoing a major renovation. The renovation will restore the original entrance to the building, but with a more modern, open, and welcoming style. The School of Education has also increased their involvement in disability studies and the disabled community in Syracuse, so they needed a fully accessible entrance (something the current building does not have).

The logo needed to be equally clean, modern, and accessible. The entrance encorporates a rounded translucent wall, so I used transparency on the building's initials to differentiate between identical shapes. These letters were paired with a simple logotype that would be readable in any size and several different layouts. Because the main use of the logo was a 4-page website, four different color versions were created, using the School of Education's shades of blue and orange and expanding that to other hues.

Huntington Hall Transformation was also one of my web design and development projects.