High Peaks Winery

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2010-2012 - Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, & InDesign CS3

High Peaks Winery is a startup winemaking business in Potsdam, NY. The owner wanted to start the brand with two different lines of wine - one aimed at college students and one for experienced, "older" wine drinkers.

They needed a logo that was flexible enough to cater to both groups. The Nothern New York origin and tradition of winemaking needed to be emphasized, and for that I took "High Peaks" literally. The logo was made to remind wine drinkers of the relaxation of sipping and enjoying a beautiful Adirondack view. The bottle labels expand on that by enlarging the sun to the entire label.

The fonts and colors used are what vary between the two different lines of wines. The brighter, warmer red and pink tones are used to excite college wine drinkers, instead of relying on the feeling of relaxation. The fonts are more casual but still give a natural, Adirondack feel. More muted brown and green tones are used for the experienced drinker's wines, to emphasize the feeling of drinking surrounded by fall foliage. The fonts were also changed to make it more sophisticated. Business cards were also a part of the final package; they reflect the more sophisticated labels. The owner wanted to focus on technology, so the back of both the general information card and the individual business cards include a QR code that links to the website.

The labels are very recognizable because of the bold shapes and colors of the logo, and High Peaks Winery got comments within a few months of release that people were looking in their favorite wine stores for "the bottle with the mountains."

High Peaks Winery was also one of my web design and development projects.