Manlius Pebble Hill Friends of the Arts

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2006 - Adobe Photoshop CS

The Manlius Pebble Hill School's Friends of the Arts organization is a group of parents and teachers that work towards bringing the arts to MPH. They wanted a logo that would make their work stand out from the school at large, but still show that they were connected. The group does not focus on only performing or visual arts, so they wanted a logo that was not biased towards one or the other.

I chose to create a stylized version of the MPH logo, in a modified cubist style. This is a common enough look that it is generally recognizable as "art" by most people, but does not suggest a specific medium (painting, sketching, digital art, etc). The logo is used in brochures, advertising materials, and deliverables for events the FoA are involved in. It was designed with this flexibility of use in mind. Several logos were comissioned by the FoA board, and this was chosen out of those for its creativity, flexibility, and cohesion with FoA's mission.