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2008 - Adobe Illustrator CS3

This project was a compositional analysis of the work of Brian Alfred. While a lot of his style is represented in landscapes, buildings, and other geometric shapes, I find his portrait series much more interesting. In each of his portraits, as well as in his other work, he will use two or three color families, with a low saturation throughout. For my piece, I used a picture of myself as a loose reference, as well as several of Alfred's portraits shown.

I tried to use a lot of the simple characteristics his portraits share, such as the shadows under the eyes, around the nose, and above the top lip, as well stylized look of the eyes and lips. I used three color families: beige, pink, and brown. Although his process includes both digital and traditional mediums, I tried to recreate his full style on the computer only.

This piece was chosen by Terry Sametz along with Self Portrait for the 2009 International Juried Art Exhibition at the Frederic Remington Museum in Ogdensburg, NY.