Center on Human Policy 40th Anniversary

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2011 - Adobe Illustrator CS3, Photoshop CS3, WordPress, XHTML, CSS, PHP

This project was done while I was employed by the Syracuse University School of Education. The Center on Human Policy works against abuse and discrimiation of people with disabilities in society. Their 40th Anniversary conference is being held over Syracuse University's Alumni Weekend.

Once a logo and identity package were developed, a website was needed to share information about the center, the anniversary, and the conference. It needed to explain what the center was, why it was founded, and what has been accomplished during their 40 years of existence for those unfamiliar. But it also needs to highlight and advertise the conference itself and encourage registration. A WordPress installation was used because the organizers of the conference needed to update the website constantly as events were added and new information was available about registration and hotels. I also used the WordPress Gravity Forms plugin for the registration form so the organizers could create the form themselves and view all registrants within the administrative area instead of having to rely on forms received by email. The website will stay online past the conference date, and will be updated to reflect conference events and new information available.

Because the School of Education and the Center on Human Policy have a strong focus on disability studies, it was important that the website was completely accessible. All images on the website have descriptive text that can be read by a screen reader, and are visible if images are disabled. The website is also semantically coded so it will still be organized correctly when viewed without styling or images. The website it also entirely keyboard navicable.

Click here to view the website live