Elinor Cramer, Author

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2011-2012 - Adobe Photoshop CS3, XHTML, HTML5, CSS, PHP, WordPress, Facebook Pages/Applications

Elinor Cramer is a poet releasing her first book of poetry. She had no existing web presence and she wanted somewhere to direct people who attend her readings to learn more about her and her book. The focus on the website would be her book, and she wanted to incorporate the image from her book cover into the layout. The images flanking the page content are parts of the painting Elinor connected with the most, and give a unique experience to visitors when they read her poems online. The rest of the website was designed around the painting in a rustic style.

Another large part of the project was social media consultation. I created a facebook page for Elinor and integrated it into her website, and taught her how to add images and updates to the page, and share it with others. I also discussed with Elinor the various ways she can use her Facebook page to interact with her fans, get feedback, and announce readings without boring them. She advertises both her website and facebook page at her reading events, and even after the first 1-2 reading her website traffic increased dramatically and have helped sales of her books.

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