Huntington Hall Transformation

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2011 - Adobe Photoshop CS3, Illustrator CS3, XHTML, CSS, PHP

This project was done while I was employed by the Syracuse University School of Education. Huntington Hall is the home of the School of Education, and is undergoing a major renovation. The renovation will restore the original entrance to the building, but with a more modern, open, and welcoming style. The School of Education has also increased their involvement in disability studies and the disabled community in Syracuse, so they needed a fully accessible entrance (something the current building does not have).

The website is simple but bold. Since it only has four pages, the four colors chosen for the identity package are used to designate where a user is in both the navigation menu and the header image. The main draw of the website is the images - viewing the building's history, shots of the current entrance, and the renders of the proposed design. But the most important element is soliciting donations to get the project done - the give page's layout stands out from the rest, and the development office wanted to button to be even more eye-catching than the pictures. The website has been widely acclaimed throughout the University and the community, and many donations have already been received with minimal publicity.

Because the School of Education has a strong focus on disability studies, it was important that the website was completely accessible. All images on the website have descriptive text that can be read by a screen reader, and are visible if images are disabled. The website is also semantically coded so it will still be organized correctly when viewed without styling or images. The website it also entirely keyboard navicable.

Click here to view the website live