High Peaks Winery

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2011 - Adobe Photoshop CS3, Wordpress, XHTML, CSS, PHP

High Peaks Winery is a startup winemaking business in Potsdam, NY. The owner wanted to start the brand with two different lines of wine - one aimed at college students and one for experienced, "older" wine drinkers. Once I had created a logo and branding package and wine bottle labels, High Peaks needed a website to market their wines and let customers know where they were available. I used a WordPress installation because the owner wanted to be able to post news about tastings, new locations, and other events quickly and easily.

The design was created to match and coordinate with both the "older" and "younger" wine label designs. The color scheme leans the website more towards the younger line of wines - High Peaks Wines are sold in northern New York state where computer and internet use for older demographics is much lower.

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