Joan Burstyn, Poet and Author

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2011-2012 - Adobe Photoshop CS3, Illustrator CS3, XHTML, HTML5, CSS, PHP, WordPress

Joan Burstyn is an author and poet with books in a wide range of genres. During her academic career she wrote and contributed to several books about women, education, religion, and poetry. She wanted a website that fit all of these topics together without focusing on just one. She always wanted to feature her three books of poetry and her most recent book, about jewish studies.

Through the design I wanted to emphasize that she focuses more on her writing. I decided on a light, neutral design for this project. Several of Joan's book covers have encorporated plants and/or flowers, so I incorporated a simple graphic in the title that could be incorporated throughout the website (bullets, headings, footer, etc.) as Joan chooses. Action links on the main page encourage visitors to explore Joan and her work further. The "Books" page showcases the four books she wanted to focus on, but also lists the others so that they are easy to find and purchase. For the main books, written, oral, and visual excerpts are used to set the tone of the book and encourage users to get to know it better.

I chose a WordPress installation so that Joan could also use the website as a personal blog. She wanted to use it to share her thoughts on her areas of expertise, and at the same time push sales of her books. I consulted with her about possible blogging topics in poetry, religion, education, and her general interests (posting in-progress poems, book reviews, further religion study, etc). We also dicussed ways to use these posts to push her books, which a compiled into a blog post, and ways to share these posts on Facebook.

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