Joe Naples, Entertainer

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2012 - XHTML, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, WordPress

Joe Naples is a singer and pianist based in Mount Morris, NY, who performs at retirement homes, private parties, and dinner hours in the Rochester and Buffalo area. Before his website, the only way for him to book performances and make connections was to call or visit businesses directly; it was hard to seek him out for a gig unless you knew someone with his phone number. He needed this website to not only help people find him when they look for entertainment, but also so his information could be more easily passed around between potential clients, even without his business card. The design is bold and happy, but mature and professional to appeal to his older client base. I used some retro-style accents since the majority of his material comes from the 30's-50's. The site structure was designed to sell Joe from all angles - his current clients, what they have said about him, his fun personality and plans for the near future, and his music itself.

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