Theatre Exchange of NNY

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2011 - XHTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Photoshop CS3

Click here for my presentation of the project (starting around 27:30)

As a senior capstone project at Clarkson University, I wanted to fill a need in the theatre community of St. Lawrence County. Most theatre companies borrow costumes, props, and other resources for productions, since not every group can have everything possible in stock. But towns and villages in the county are geographically and socially isolated from each other, so it can be hard for these groups to find each other. As president of the Clarkson Theatre Company, I tried to create these connections with other groups, but it was hard to find smaller groups with very little web presence or advertising.

The Theatre Exchange of Northern New York is a web application where theatre groups can advertise themselves to other groups, and to the community at large. Northern New York does not have a wealth of technology expertise, so trying to teach web coding to those involved is not practical. The solution was a content management system - each person could log into a specific account, and then fill in information they wanted to put on the website. I created a PHP/MySQL system from scratch to fulfill this specific purpose. Sections include information about theatre groups and their performance spaces, an events calendar, a resource search engine, and a classified ads section. The website caters to several different user groups, who can all use the application easily - theatre company members that edit information, those looking for resources or performance spaces to borrow, and the general public looking for events to attend.

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