Clarkson Virtual Reality Lab

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2010 - XHTML, CSS, PHP

The VR Lab at Clarkson University focuses on interdisciplinary projects that use virtual environments, motion capture, and other cutting-edge technologies to solve everyday problems. They needed a website to show off their projects and let people know who they are and what they do.

The focus of this project was the HCI principles, since the project had two main audiences - involved students (that need contact information, lab hours, etc) and new students (that want to know what the lab is and what they can do with it). The content was split up into multiple pages to make it easier to find information, as each page has a clear subject. For people new to the lab, there are large visual elements that display lab projects that can grab audience interest. But for people with a definite goal, they don't have to click through all of the introductory information to get that information. The website makes great use of "getting everywhere fom anywhere."

Click here to view the website live (mockup content)

Click here to read the project report, user surveys, testing notes, and more.